Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 23 - inspired by a movie!

Movie time :)

I had a random flash of inspiration and thought of doing Braveheart!!

After googling to check I was on the right tracks with what was in my head I went for a design inspired by the pre and post war scenes:

And what I did :) I've photoed them before the 'blood' too.

I used a white crackle varnish to do the stripe then filled the middle in with a plain white varnish. This was to make the effect of it fading out. And to do the blood I wiped off a lot of the varnish and then just shoved it down on top which caused the bristles to spread out - worked well!
2/5 for time and 2/5 for difficulty.

Without the 'blood' it's a quite a nice design!

HAVE a good day :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day 22 - inspired by a song

I did The Beatles - Yellow Submarine :D

Based on the lyric: " I'd like to be, under the sea, in an octopuses garden"

And here it is :D

Yes I know its only got 4 legs.... But you can line up its 4 legs :D:D

Happy varnish :D

2/5 for effort and 4/5 for time. Surprisingly easy but there are lots of coats to let dry :)

I want to do other color octopuses too.. :)

HAVE  a great day,

Friday, 9 March 2012


I am so behind!!! I've been absent all week, and i'm so sorry! Had lots of field trips and presentations, so was a week of demure grown up nails lol :P

I'm back as of tomorrow though! I've already done the base coat for my 'inspired by a song' and i'm gonna wear that today and then do the art on top tomo! So stay tuned!!

One thing I noticed on my 2 field trips this week was the amount of litter!! FFS PICK IT UP.

It's the equivalent of going out and strangling a fox or bird! It's just so dangerous to the animals and horrible to be around!

So I joined this, and I hope many more people do! I went to Ireland last year, and didn't see one bit of rubbish on the floor! The streets are beautiful!!!

So anyway, i'll be back soon guys :D
<a href="" title="Clean Up Britain | The cost of litter to YOU and Britain"><img src="" alt="Clean Up Britain | The cost of litter to YOU and Britain" /></a>Provided by <a href="">Clean Up Britain</a>

HAVE a litter free day!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Day 21 - inspired by a colour

This is a confusing one!
What I've done is pick out all my varnishes with cool names and done a design using that colour inspired by its name :)

Saucy brown:

Electric punk:

Fantasy fire:

There you go! Just a bit of fun :)
Also quite a good answer to this strange question.

HAVE a great day

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 20 = water marbling!!

I love this, there are so many nice photos out there, I've even seen stars done like this!

Anyway, I have never had it successful enough to even do DIY in... I'm getting better and better, and this was my best so far!
But it's still pretty shocking... I think it's just practice makes perfect! You need to personally learn how your water and varnishes cope with it.
Anyway, here's the 5 best fingers, and I will try this again at the end :)
I'm gonna have a whole other challenge!!! What with the ones I missed and ones I wanna do again! Lol

Have a laugh! lol There are some good aspects but hey! Another attempt soon :):)

For me 5/5 for time and 5/5 for effort!! But don't take my word :p

HAVE a great day :D:D

Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 19 = galaxies!!

My first galaxies, and i'm quite pleased :)

Fun to do!

3/5 for difficulty and 5/5 for time. Not to difficult, a bit fiddly but it does take a lot of time. But sooo worth it!!
I used a small bit of make up sponge for the blotchy colours and a felt tip pen for the dots. 
Lots of colours and lots of glitter is the trick I think!
My secret weapon is Max Factor Fantasy Fire, which I applied over the base and added more to dark bits at the end. It added so much depth!  It doesn't really show in the photos but you can see a bit on the tip of the ring finger and the base of the thumb in the photo above.

HAVE a nice day :D

Thursday, 1 March 2012

New challenge - courtesy if my bf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I expressed my worry to my boyfriend that I wont be able to think up my own nail art after doing this challenge.

His reaction was to suggest making me another one himself!

I took him up on this, i'm desperate to see what he comes up with! LOL!

I'll let you know lol!

HAVE a great day :)