Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 20 = water marbling!!

I love this, there are so many nice photos out there, I've even seen stars done like this!

Anyway, I have never had it successful enough to even do DIY in... I'm getting better and better, and this was my best so far!
But it's still pretty shocking... I think it's just practice makes perfect! You need to personally learn how your water and varnishes cope with it.
Anyway, here's the 5 best fingers, and I will try this again at the end :)
I'm gonna have a whole other challenge!!! What with the ones I missed and ones I wanna do again! Lol

Have a laugh! lol There are some good aspects but hey! Another attempt soon :):)

For me 5/5 for time and 5/5 for effort!! But don't take my word :p

HAVE a great day :D:D

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