Friday, 9 March 2012


I am so behind!!! I've been absent all week, and i'm so sorry! Had lots of field trips and presentations, so was a week of demure grown up nails lol :P

I'm back as of tomorrow though! I've already done the base coat for my 'inspired by a song' and i'm gonna wear that today and then do the art on top tomo! So stay tuned!!

One thing I noticed on my 2 field trips this week was the amount of litter!! FFS PICK IT UP.

It's the equivalent of going out and strangling a fox or bird! It's just so dangerous to the animals and horrible to be around!

So I joined this, and I hope many more people do! I went to Ireland last year, and didn't see one bit of rubbish on the floor! The streets are beautiful!!!

So anyway, i'll be back soon guys :D
<a href="" title="Clean Up Britain | The cost of litter to YOU and Britain"><img src="" alt="Clean Up Britain | The cost of litter to YOU and Britain" /></a>Provided by <a href="">Clean Up Britain</a>

HAVE a litter free day!

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