Tuesday, 31 January 2012

EASY stripey matte top coat

Thought I'd post this design first as it is my picture!
It's a No.17 berry red, with Rimmels matte top coat done in stripes :)

Veryvery easy to do if you have a small brush. I used an Art Deco white one that I cleaned off and dipped in.

Maybe I'll do a easyness score, out of 5 and a time consuming score.

Easyness = 2/5 - the only hard part was getting the lines straight
Time = 1/5 - for a nail art it's only 2 coats

I think matte top coats are great, I plan to experiment with the colours I have to see which ones it makes look really different for doing this design  with :)

HAVE a nice day :D

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