Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentines :)

First valentines design!

Went for all fingers being different, it's very pretty :)

Hope you enjoy!

On the thumb: pale pink background with pearly white, red with gold flecks and darker pearly pink hearts.
Done by making 2 blobs and then with an orange stick dragging down and through and this makes the dent at the top and the spike at the bottom.

Index finger: half pearly pink and half pearly white done using tape. With the red with gold flecks making lil hearts .

Middle and ring finger: pearly white with one big red heart.

Wee finger: pearly white with red letters saying 'Love'

4/5 for difficulty and 5/5 for timing - lots of coats and lots of detail, but so worth it!!

HAVE a lovely day!

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