Saturday, 11 February 2012

Matte and dotty!

I love this! Was very proud of myself lol!

I painted all my nails purple then applied a matte top coat to all but my ring fingers.

Then I started dotting!!

As you can see I did the tips for all except the ring which I did in diagonal. I used 5 different blues and just randomly dotted away!

I applied a normal top coat over the ring finger and over the tips.

I love the contrast between matte and non-matte and all the different colours :):)

3/5 for difficulty and 5/5 for time, but soooo worth it :D

I see this as my first difficult art and I'm really pleased, It was inspired by what I've seen on others but was wholly my own creation. And I'm very pleased to share with y'all :):)

HAVE a lovely day!

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