Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 1! Also v-day :D

Day 1 of 31 day challenge!

And it's red, and because it's 13/2 I made it valentines too :)

2/5 for easiness, this is surprisingly easy! I used a tip marker tape and with a white nail art pen coloured in the top, except for 4 triangles. I then shaped in the loops at the top and changed to the red to fill in once the white was dry :)
3/5 for time, not too long for some lovely art!

So yeah, firstly that's day 1, and secondly happy valentines!

Don't think I'll be wearing this.. I'm feeling the urge to change, but I'll show you whatever I change to for the big day if it's any good :D

HAVE a great day, especially tomo if you have a special someone! If not, do something for yourself :)


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