Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 28 - inspired by a flag! (I'm cheating because of six nations :P)

Today is day 15, but I'm going to tack that on at the end and do day 28 now!

Yesterday I had red roses for England playing, today I need something Scottish, so I'm swapping in inspired by a flag!

Both teams lost FYI :(

The Scottish flag, in case you don't know, is navy blue with a white 'x' on it.

So I took that but added more crosses, to make a sort of lattice.

I did 2 and 3 crosses to see what I liked best, and if i'm honest i've still not decided!!

I love the colour combo, deffo using that again! So doing this inspired by Scotland was useful :)

Even though they lost...

No one is appreciating my support!!

Anyway, I'm really taken with this, very happy!

1/5 for difficulty and 2/5 for time. I just free-handed it with a nail art brush.

So taken with this...

HAVE a winning day! (I promise not to support you - cos then you wont! lol!)

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