Sunday, 19 February 2012

Day 8 - metallic!!

Metallic time :D

I'm really pleased with this :):)
Not that it's complicated but I just LOVE these colours together!

In my about the blog section I said I wouldn't name varnishes used unless asked or very special. These i'm going to name to try to describe the colours! 
The gunmetal like one is by No.7 and is called Miracle Taupe, very interesting polish.. It looks sort of brown/silver in the bottle but goes one more silver and then ends up sort of gun metal! The other is by MaxFactor and is called Meteorite, which doesn't exactly help describe the colour.. It's one of their infinity one's so it's incredibly glittery and is a silvery/purple/blue.
Basically I love these separately and LOVE them together! This would work with lots of colours obviously, but I was aiming for metallic = ACHIEVED! Woop lol :)

1/5 for difficulty and 1/5 for time, I just free-handed the lines, no tape - no nothing! So v quick and easy!

I promise some more complex designs soon! I just thought these colours were so great, and so shiny, that a delicate or intricate pattern wouldn't work.

Hope you all had a good weekend!
Don't be too disappointed by it being Monday tomo! Get an extra choccie bar or syrup in your coffee :)

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